Earth Retrograde?

What is it like to have Earth in retrograde?

We are so conditioned (lately) to just think this or that planet as being in retrograde …that earth/Gaia…is never mentioned. When a planet is in retrograde many things are “not to be done.” (Dun..dun..duuunnn..) 🙂 Hell, I’ve never heard anything mentioned … nothing in numerology, divination, or from another. And if Earth has a retrograde aren’t there do’s and don’ts??

Does Earth/Gaia have a retrograde since ALL other planets do?

How is it our planet is never in a retrograde? Or will this be explained away by seasons? And if the explanation of a retrograde is or becomes based on seasons…does that mean the planets we witness in retrograde are in seasonal changes.

And I leave you with this thought…
What about the moons of other planets? Ummm… we have great emphasis on the moon and tides. I wonder when a planet is in retrograde what effects the moon is having?

Just a random thought…

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Exploring and sharing benefits of lemon

Who loves lemon water?!? Me!! Yay! Okay, below you will find a video about some of the benefits of lemon water. From the spiritual aspects…Oh Wow! (Highly recommend it.) I’ve been on the kick of lemon water for just over a year and the cleansing effects are wonderful. Not only that, the teeter-totter of eating meat has slimmed down, which is lovely. Note**The garden of fresh veggies my husband is growing lasts for weeks, instead of the store bought lasting maybe three days. All of this and so much more when we pay attention is going on right now; we live in an incredible time. This is a time in which the energies are literally putting us right where our conscious growth IS, then inviting one to really grow.

Okay. So what about the darn lemons?



Well, in this video the woman suggests using lemons as a deodorant. 🙂 You know I had to try this out…and I did. I typically use the crystal deodorant that’s about $7.50 from the health store. My thing is..I just shaved and the pours are open, the pours take in everything. My lymph glands, yours too, are right there absorbing all kinds of toxic chemicals, or crystals, from any deodorant used, hence, better to be “safe” than sorry. Right? Right. So, I have been happy with the typical stuff. This morning though I tried the fresh cut lemon as a deodorant… wow. Not that I sweat abundantly, today, I didn’t sweat hardly at all. (And it was another busy day.) Oh and I stayed refreshed. Ha! Ha! I can’t believe I’m writing about this but it’s a truth of mine. *If you are not aware of the lymph glands, I highly recommend some light reading.

Enjoy the video! Enjoy the moments! 🙂

3 Beneficial Beauty DIY Using Lemons


Silence discovers the self-sabotage

Life gets pretty darn busy, yet within those moments of busy time, I manage to find out different things about myself. Last week, I got a wild hair up my ass to “just drive” (soul nudging) to class. Mind you I know my truck has hella miles on it, but I did it anyway. I love to drive! All last week different awareness did come up, but I’m gonna share only the biggest one.

Okay. Well we all hear the biggie, “just have gratitude for everything!” What exactly does that mean? I know I espouse it, and follow that advice. I remind myself of how grateful I am constantly. It wasn’t until Wednesday I realized that, in fact, I SILENTLY complain to myself….apparently, a lot. Jeepers-creepers! Being out and about on the back roads, looking at the landscape, noticing/hearing the animals, seeing people walking long freakn’ stretches of road, feeling the breeze, all the while doing my mantras as I drove, when I finally cracked through to this realization. The first thing I did when I got home was apologize to my husband about any complain I do. Honestly, I know how I sound(ed) when and if I would speak (toning down) my disgruntled-ness. 🙂 Wow. Just, Wow.

Any silent complaining done is what truly delivers more of the same in our life. When we aren’t ready to lie to ourselves anymore and “see it” …yeah the message on top of that was, “you see, but you don’t see…” we instantly change any dynamics. This means synchronicity increases and a dose of fear may crop up because we are getting everything we ask for without hesitation. Ha! Ha! I get it – I see it, now.

From the website:

From the website:

I love the miracles upon miracles of my life. And I can tell you this much…years ago I wouldn’t have said a word about this. My thought is this: the world we live in, economic/political, the large to small, is based of lies. The lies hide guilt and shame of “what we think this or that should be” or better yet, what the hell others will think of us, or just take lies in any direction, your choice. It’s actually amazing once some thought is put into it. Anyway, the lies create division and fear, which in turn causes the breakaway societies, or pockets of who may or may not be right/wrong, since, you guessed it, creates judgment! What a fucking awesome way to wake up even more! Ha! Amazing! Live your amazing life my darlings. Live your amazing life. And don’t forget to love it with everything you are and always will be.

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