Review of Oracle Cards Part I

As the world began to stream into greater consciousness, beyond the revolution found in the 60’s and 70’s, there were individuals who answered the call of the True Light of God. These individuals began paving a larger road for the masses in showing them that there is no division between science (in all forms) and spirituality.

While there are other widely known authors and doctors, the focus of this article is on Doreen Virtue. She has brought to the public a massive amount of oracle cards to express the intent of the True Light of God, with the help of her guides – such as Archangel Michael.

What is the intent of the True Light of God? As sovereign beings it is the birthright of joy, embracing prosperity, happiness, and health. It is merely the choice of one who has felt disconnected and/or alone, to embrace, learn, and remember their full spectrum of divinity granted from birth.

In order to illustrate, bring up, and connect others to a deeper knowing contained within, Doreen Virtue had to find artists that were conveying the True Light of God. The artworks, added with the guided words, and science knowing, have helped many get to a place of empowerment and connection.

The purpose the oracle card decks (which she is widely known for) is only to show an individual a path that is best suited for taking (in that moment), not walk the path for them or aiding further in disempowering them. At any moment, with any decision, a path may change and that is the purpose of the oracle cards.

Oracle cards are merely tools, sometimes referenced as metaphysical tools, to help connect a person to the law of attraction. Knowingly or unknowingly, as an individual holds a deck of oracle cards they are infusing it with their energy source, Spirit (who is always connected to the soul group and True Light of God), to obtain the oracle card attracted to them. The insight gained by the artwork and words, coupled with the circumstances the individual is in offers empowerment. The guidance comforts and gives him/her the nudge to keep going!

The review of the following oracle card decks are in random order and based on my own observations. The wisdom of these oracle card decks carry profound insight to the human psych, color therapy, and comfort from higher realms.

Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards

The name for the deck is proper since it covers vast areas of an average life. The oracle cards range from enlightening a person to begin a career (continue, etc.) as an entrepreneur, exploring options into energy work, romance, weddings, being honest with yourself, and much more.

The message found on the cards (used separately or in a spread) shed light on a topic being asked by the user. With such a diverse range of cards, and deeper expression of the cards shinning forward, an entire probable picture emerges – if the path that is being taken continues. The user will be able to decipher the message with easy and not take literally the meanings of the cards since “Wedding” may be a spiritual meeting in dreams, or connection to marrying the heart and mind.

The artists for this deck deliver amazing images to convey the messages Doreen has learned and embraced. The artist: Audrey L. Arena, Gail Gastfield, Glenda Green, Lisa Iris, Marcel LorAnge, Anne yvonne Gilbert, Scott Gustafson, Marius Michael-George, Steve A. Roberts, Kevin Roecki, Eva Sullivan, Carolyn Utigard Thomas, John Philip Wagner, and Corey Wolfe.

Messages from Your Angels

The interest and belief in angels covers centuries of literature, eye-witness accounts, and found in artwork. The Messages from your Angels creates a bridge for a user to remember the True Light of God never said, “go it alone.” Everything, everyone, and even Mother Earth, has an angel!

Now, it’s also interesting to note that this deck has the four more widely known archangels: Michael (protector of mankind), Raphael (healing angel), Gabrielle (communication, in all forms), and Uriel (forgiveness, and more). In working with this deck, the archangels work with the guardian angels of the deck to emphasize messages of prosperity, safety (home or body), caution, animals, victory, even patience.

As the user opens to the birthright of their connection, the message from this deck resonates with extreme clarity. The embrace of remembering connection, helps the guardian angels to fulfill their contract with not just the user, but those the user comes into contact with in aiding and supporting humanity. Simply said, expansion of conscious remembrance.

The artists for this deck Jeffrey Bedrick, Dawn Dacus, Eve Croft, Daniel B. Holeman, Karen Krangel, Anne Marie Smith, Carolyn McFarlin, Varian, and Corey Wolfe.

Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

Archangel Raphael is the angel that brings the light of the True God to heal. When a prayer or healing prayer, is spoken with sincerity, it is carried to the heaven’s to be answered, even if it is an answer not expecting. Blessings and lessons happen quickly for the world, so have mercy on yourself and others when working with this deck to understand the depth at which one is connected too.

Moving on with Archangel Raphael oracle card deck… this is a wonderful set of cards for obtaining insights into healing, and the direction in which to act. If by chance there is a nutritional issue, through the law of attraction the user would draw this card, and then they may happen to pick up a news flyer that has an alternative doctor listed. This is Archangel Raphael, with the healing angels, at work bringing the information forward for action steps to greater health.

Working with Archangel Raphael and the healing angels equals amazing in my book. There are several ways to open the heart chakra when envisioning green healing light, planting a garden on Mother Earth, or offering services and assistance. For the users who is a medical intuitive and not capable of running tests etc., the word of caution: always refer a person to their doctor. Always do this so Archangel Raphael and the healing angels can be effective in nourishing healthy action.

The artists of this oracle card deck: Wendy Andrew, Audrey Rawlings Arena, Carol Heyer, Marius Michael-George, Savannah Roy, Mark Wassman, and Corey Wolfe.

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

The Angel Therapy oracle cards are for working with the book authored by Doreen Virtue – The Angel Therapy Handbook. When one is not able to flip to a page in the book, use the cards. Ah, and through working with this oracle deck extensively, it seems to work with the Archangel Raphael Healing deck. The wisdom and insight gained opens an individual up to possibilities and clears the muddle of lower heart/ego chatter.

The oracle card deck expands to the world of the seven main chakras found etheric human body, Mother Earth/Goddess, parents, writing, plus mini action steps to accomplish self-nurturing. Any individual who is looking to boost confidence and courage within their life or to understand the tip of their life purpose – will ultimately love this oracle card deck.

The artist who contributed to the creation of this deck: Wendy Andrew, Audrey Rawlings Arena, T.C. Chiu, Marty Gray, Paul Heussenstamm, Carol Heyer, Howard David Johnson, Joanne Koenig-Macko, Ragen Mendenhall, Marius Michael-George, Michael Orwick, Marcia Snedecor,Christophe Vacher, Josephine Wall, Gilbert Williams, and Corey Wolfe.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

This is an oracle card deck lovingly referred to by Doreen as “the girlfriends”. Why? A good girlfriend will give it to you like it is!

Working with Goddess energy, especially Mother Earth, is powerful. The Divine Feminine energy not only found in this oracle deck is not just found here, but in the marketing power for the majority of other products. Not long ago (and I forget were I read this poll) a poll was done to find who the greatest influence was for the purchasing power within a household. The surprise? The energy of the woman for the household.

The goddesses in this oracle deck have re-opened and kindled the growing consciousness of balance between male and female energy for the world. While the descriptions of the goddesses are open for further research before calling on them for aid, it provides a good reference point to begin reconnecting to the self-nurturing, humility, and love.

The artists for the Goddesses: Wendy Andrew, Earl Bowser, Sharon George, Sue Halstenberg, Cheryl Rose, Ruth Sanderson, Neil Geddes-Ward, Corey Wolfe, and James Yale.

It’s amazing discovering the depths and layers in connecting with the True Light of God in a variety of forms. The aid and assistance provided by the Creator to help humanity in its growth back to Oneness and sovereignty is empowering for the seeker who unknowingly cares the wisdom within already. The gift is coming back into that state of awareness, and oracle cards facilitate the experience.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about these five oracle card decks by Doreen Virtue for part one of the articles.

About the author: Rachel Richmond is a lifestyle and spiritual coach that assists others in reconnect and bridge the ordinary reality to the spiritual reality. Learn more about Rachel Richmond’s services and how to obtain services from her at Heaven’s Mystic. (Web address:


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