Meditation, Food, Water, and Affirmations

Cleansing the body and mind to connect with Spirit better, is as simple as a meditation scan to see an aura, some are born with the sight to see an aura (and much more), foods are great to cleansing and purge the to chakras, and water.

Anytime a cleansing is taking place it always important to remember that what dislodges, must have something to refill it. Ensuring that a new way to think, or react “refill” with affirmations. This is the quickest way to start a period of healing. Affirmations open a door to a new way of expression, without glossing over current challenges.


With so many meditations on the market, and a divide between eastern/western meditation, it may take time to see the aura. The lesson for this method of seeing, experiencing, and learning requires patience. Patience is a virtue.

The chakras have absorbed all kinds of energy from before childbirth. What may be in the aura, causing upheaval, distortion, and certain consciousness patterns (ie: prosperity consciousness, poverty consciousness, abandonment consciousness, etc.) resides in that unseen aspect of a human body. The science is there to show that where a child is sitting in the womb, is around the lower three chakras of the mother. Whatever the conditions are for the mother, especially energetically (happy, sad, etc.), it is transferring to the child.

It’s also interesting to note, when a child is born, their third-eye is wide open. As the third-eye is wide open a child will get to a point where it looks like they are looking at nothing, or giggling when no one is by them. This is due in large to no beliefs, etc. having been adopted from the family.

This is why patience is necessary if scanning the aura hasn’t been undertaken. The beliefs, from all directions, dislodge first. With a release and purposefully being sovereign over the mind, body, and Spirit seeing an aura becomes 100% easier.

Once an aura is seen, begin to scan the aura. Look for dips, leaks, and holes in the aura, note the color spectrum the kink appeared in. After this has been found (on yourself, or you are telling a friend what you see for them, if asked) know that it can heal. It’s the first layer of healing, knowing where, since much more is in an energy field. Being that healing is different for everyone, and/or new to you, begin to work with your guardian angel or Archangel Michael. Just ask, “what do I need to do to heal this? And what else is there?”

If you can see auras now, awesome. Practice a meditation that heightens this gift, and learn the responsibility with the gift. Stepping into an aura without permission creates karma, and that rests in the sacral chakra (orange chakra). Karma happens to act swiftly today, as the time changes. Anyone else notice that?




Foods, herbs, and spices provide more than nutrients, protein, and stimulation for the growth of a body, they provide a way for the highly intuitive, who have difficulty seeing their aura, a way to nourish beyond sight.

This may seem hooky, but when the nudge comes to eat a salad, or add this to the meat, it’s usually Spirit (your soul) giving the direction to take care of the mind and body for greater clarity. Again, taking care of the body will radiate out to the world, ie – the aura. The aura is the moving energy that attracts everything.

How to Benefit from Foods? Simply speak an affirming statement while holding the product, that matches the qualities of the food, herb, or spice. (Example) Holding an avocado. “I affirm the highest love.” The palm chakras will infuse the food before the first bite.

Alfalfa – Prosperity, anti-hunger, money
Almond – Money, prosperity, wisdom
Aloe – Protection, luck
Angelica – Calls on the angels, healing, protection, inspiration
Apple – Love, healing (different colors have other meanings, this is for the red apples)
Avocado – Love, beauty
Banana – Fertility, prosperity
Barley – Love, healing, protection
Bay Leaf – purification, healing, protection, clairvoyance, good wishes (do not eat or chop down)
Beans – Protection (they absorb negativity, like water absorbs energy)
Beets – Love
Blueberry – Protection, psychic awareness
Cabbage – Luck
Cedar – Cleansing the aura, wholeness of body and spirit, friendship
Celery – Mental powers, psychic powers
Coconut – Purification, protection
Cucumber – Healing
Cumin – Protection, fidelity
Chamomile – wisdom, drives away nightmares, promotes peace
Dandelion – wishes, divination, great for eating (make sure to pick up from the market if eaten)
Fig – Divination, fertility, love
Fennel – opens the heart chakra, promotes stability
Garlic – Protection, healing
Grapefruit – leadership, emotional release, healing
Lavender – great for meditation, joy, truth
Lettuce – Protection, sleep, divination
Lime – Healing, protection
Mesquite – Healing
Mint – success, motivation, relaxes the nerves, healing, helps with finances
Oats – Abundance
Onion – Protection, healing, absorbs negativity
Parsley – good luck,goodwill, purification, prosperity
Plum – Healing
Potato – Healing (root veg. Good for cleansing the root chakra)
Radish – Protection (root veg. Good for cleansing the root chakra)
Sage – Great at purifying the aura, clearing lower energies (don’t over do use if burning)
Shallot – Purification
Walnut – Health, mental powers, wishes

Foods, Morgue File

Foods, Morgue File


O to the waters! Where to begin on how this helps.

When one cannot see an aura, use this method – I have tested it before, and it works. By using this method, it tunes one into the body and unseen energy waves.

A Pool or Salt Water Bath

As is known, when we get in the water certain amount of buoyancy is expect. Have you ever seen though where someone just dips, and kind of folds up in the center?

Well, the dip and folding area is the root chakra/waist line, and if that area begins to sink, there are unresolved challenges of insecurity, scarcity consciousness, etc..

If one is in the pool, this will make a person put their legs down in a pool at least, to stand up. If the legs are just traveling down, and a person unable to float, all of the chakras have an unresolved challenge.

Now, if one is in bathtub (because it is too cold to swim) and sinking happens from the bottom touching the tub, that is an indicator of unresolved challenges.

Releasing unresolved challenges does not mean having to know the exact who, what, when, where, or how. Just relax in the water and affirm, “I willingly release the unresolved challenges that were not of my highest good. I have learned the lesson.”

Do not be surprised if there is a challenge within a few days to make sure the lesson has completed. As this practice evolves with awareness, resolutions come swiftly for EVERYTHING.


Water, Morgue File

Affirming Statements

As stated above, when removing old energy or unresolved challenges, it’s best to refill with an affirming life statement. Does this mean you will be in space of positive energy and situations all the time? Heck no. The purpose of being here is to experience. What will happen are the lessons and affirming statements elevate and clear out what is no longer necessary.

Healing for Buoyancy

Chakras will never be clear and cleansed fully while having a human experience. (Which is admittedly debatable.) It is possible through dedicated observations and other modalities of meditation, food, writing, using incense, stones, water, working with your guardian angels, and archangels, to heal past life challenges (if you believe in past lives), and resolve challenges that just agitated while growing up. The old saying is, “it’s in the past forget about it”, while that is true, a marker has been left that the ego uses as a defense mechanism, to protect and avoid. Spirit is not about to let avoidance take place – there is typically a lesson.

Every situation is a healing lesson. Every judgment toward a person is money in the positive karma bank. Judgments and decisions of another is deduction from the positive karma bank.

Lots to naw on, but worth the healing.

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