Making Your Own Cleanser

The art of making your own stuff is awfully under utilized. With everything interconnected and the majority of things and stuff at the push of a button for instant gratification, it’s not hard to forget – it is possible to create things on our own.

The ingredients necessary for creating and succeed: imagination, playfulness, heart sincerity, joy, visualization, and courage.

In this article, it’s my hope that you will get creative and realize your own uniqueness in making your own aura spray cleansers and more.

Reason for Making My Own

The neat little place here in Weed, California at does not have a bathtub. Oh my, a dreadful thought, but it’s true, no bathtub. In order to keep the aura cleared and cleansed for clarity, plus Angel Bless the apartment, I remembered the little blue spray bottle tucked away in the suitcase. Pulling out the little blue spray bottle and inspecting it for damage (making sure the pump was working), I discovered all is in working order.

Aside from making a batch of holy water (water and salt) to purify the apartment and set the standard perimeter, it felt important to make a second batch uniquely to the vibes coming forward. After tuning into the energy, for a day or so, it became clear to use a stone for a batch to cleanse and purify the aura.

And know that over time, there is a knowing that will just come in recognizing energy. The energy was Mother Earth letting me know how best to cleanse.

Items Needed to Make Your Own Aura Spray

1 small spray bottle (size is up to co-creator)
Water (for filling just below the neck of the bottle)
Stone (willing to fulfill the intent or that has come forward, size up to user)
Prayer (written by you carrying the intention)

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Put the water before you, speak aloud that Mother Earth infuse/bless it with her vibration to make it pure.
Keep your hands over the water, speak aloud for the Light of the One True god and your guardian angel to bless the water as well
(Some feel the palms of the hands get hot, this is an indicator that the palm chakras are opening and flowing with energy.)
As you feel the infusing of energy complete, pick up the stone.
With gratitude, thank the stone for adding its qualities of [name the qualities] that will purify the aura to make it pure and cleansed.
Put the stone in the water.
Hold your hands over the water and stone, begin to recite your personal prayer.
Once complete – fill your bottle to the neckline and use.

Select A Stone

Select A Stone

The power of the intention opens up what the challenges are for getting to point A and point B. The challenges mean to determine if the lesson has finished, and it’s time for new ones.

Don’t be surprised should this happen for you. In the power of gratitude and appreciation of the lessons, it is much easier to work through them. So, the saying of “if I don’t give “it” power, it don’t matter” is not in and of itself accurate. The “it” is in the aura waiting for an opportunity to resolve, however long it takes, that is Spirit teaching the lesson of patience.


*Is it important to make an aura spray on cycles of the moon or sun?
Depends on the situation or challenge. If it is a hard fast belief that only on the new moon or only on the zero degree mark of the sun – then follow what is right for you.

*Do I have to have a personal prayer?
No. However, a personal prayer carries your vibrational qualities (voice) and begins to moves the energy. Over time, one becomes able to hear the secondary message as a person speaks since sincere praying opens up other chakras, and abilities.

*Should I have an affirming statement when I use it?
No. Again – it’s personal, you can if that’s what it takes to be dedicated in purifying and purging. An affirming statement will reinforce the mindset to accept the new flow, and not wonder off to old patterns.

About the author: Rachel Richmond is a lifestyle and spiritual coach that assists others in reconnect and bridge the ordinary reality to the spiritual reality. Learn more about Rachel Richmond’s services and how to obtain your own oracle card reading from her at

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