The Hand of Fatima

What an amazing time for the summer solstice and Supermoon! Oh the magic of unlocks and time locks! So, get this amazing dream.

Friday morning, June 21st, I woke up from a dream about how to USE the Hand of Fatima. The setting of the dream was outside with folks just having a great time cooking out. I was standing there speaking with an elder when disruption was coming over a hill. As this energy got closer – the sky turned to a dark gray with red undertones and a woman (who I knew immediately was a witch) appeared. She began touching people’s third-eye. Yes! She was shutting them “down” to their vision and wisdom.

Hand of Fatima

from Wikipedia

As I looked to the elders, one of the elders motion with her right hand over her heart, and up (palm facing out) in a swift vertical motion to the crown chakra. The crystalline blue energy ignited vertically and created a field of protection energy. Not only that! Once the motion is at the crown chakra and then swiftly moved (almost like a swing motion down to the right) one can stop all energy of “attack”.

Needless to say, the witch was not all that excited to be face-to-face with me. She did manage to close a persons eye before I could step in. *In awakened consciousness (coming out of the dream), it was not my place to “stop her”. That was the path chosen by the person I attempted to protect.

How does it get even better?? Let me tell you.

Since the dream, I have had more people coming around with the Hand of Fatima symbol around their neck! The crystalline energy is moving and bursting all around me. Not to mention this freakin’ awesome Quantum energy book has come into my life! What does that mean?? THE LIGHTBULB! (Direct reference to, Archangelic Messages, The Lost Books of the Essene) OH MY GOODNESS!

The very next day, Saturday June 22, I woke up KNOWING the Mother Mary is with me. Guiding, supporting, and love that is all around. The presence of Mother Mary is unmistakable. (The hand of Fatima was adopted as one of her symbols.)

Thank you God.
Thank you for your messengers.
Thank you for the gift of conscious awakening!

Enjoy your awakening. Stand in your presence. Shine. Don’t be fooled by the distractions taking place. Pay attention to your awakening self and you WILL see all answers and deeds being done from a greater place of awareness.

As I was gifted with this saying Sunday morning, “you learned to fly before you could walk.” We all already know how to tap into our greater awareness and remember.

With great love!

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