Weekly Oracle Card Reading

Our reading is from the Daily Spiritual Journey Guidance Cards by Rachel Richmond.
(c) 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Oval of Feather (c) 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Oval of Feather (c) 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Here is our card:
Oval of Feather © 2010. Rachel Richmond. All Rights Reserved.
From the card: The birth of something new! Had an idea recently? Take a moment to design a plan of action to bring forward your gift. Be open to how your plan and idea develop, along with any resources the Universe and Celestial team may bring to you.

From the book: (publication December 2013)
As a being of light, we get to experience our ever evolving awareness. With the growth of remembering who we are there comes the moment of no fear, doubt, or despair of being the human form. All you ever need is already with you to begin.

We are all continuing our “birthing” process this week. Celebrate!

The brightest message emerging for our reading this week: “though you may feel as if you’ve taken two steps back know you’re moving forward”.


This message is profound for me. Over the weekend I didn’t allow the moment of stopping to acknowledge there was nothing I could do about a situation. Ha. You guessed right, I dove right into an unprofessional and slightly confrontational mindset. Heck, at least I was told to my face I was unprofessional. Admittedly, that hurt.

The ethics I follow…not everyone does, nor can I expect them too. With our message this week take a hint from me – don’t beat/judge yourself over the next few days over an issue you may have stood-up too.

The journey we’re all on is to provide a model of just making choices. (Be them same or different choices.) The moment we judge a choice is where we “think” we’ve stepped back. Stick to your awarenesses. Accept who you are with gratitude. Rest assure…choices will always be presented again.

With Love!

© 2013. All Rights Reserved. Rachel Richmond.
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