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Living in the center of the county

I haven’t spoken much about what I’ve learned out here in Weed, California, so I’m going to now.

The modern day conveniences don’t exist here in Northern Cali. The nearest cities are 70 miles, north or south, away from the conveniences. One has to learn or put into action that which they have learned in theory.

Spring and Summer

Over the spring and summer I was delighted with watching the fresh fruit trees and vine delights (blackberries, etc.) pop up around the ranch. I had a difficult time with the belief structure of “not enough to go around”. In recognizing, probably for the first time, there is more than enough – literally. The foods are absolutely amazing. The fresh fruit trees obtain their water from the purity of Mt. Shasta’s water supply/creek nearby. Let’s put it like this – I never enjoyed pears, but now I do.

In order to use these fruits during the months I was gifted with the equipment to hydrate apples and pears, and how to properly can and freeze blackberries. Needless to say, I did not do harvest enough. Ha! Ha! Ha! And mind you, there are fruit trees and rows of blackberry bushes that grace the sides of the creek. Oh my word. *Not to mention the variety of bees and wildlife that are all around. Even farm animals. 🙂 So, for the upcoming year, it’ll be a project of mine to truly accept the gifts of these trees and vines. We also plan on planting our own gardens, with a community garden too.

Fall Into Winter

First of all, it’s cold. Make no mistake about this.

When we first arrived here I made sure to purchase a winter coat from the local store. Why? I remembered learning how it’s best to take just what you need to get one to another place and THEN spend your money on the essentials in that area. Again, putting what one has learned in theory to practice. Any coat that I would have brought with me would not have been warm enough. Thankfully, I have plenty of shirts to layer up with too.

Now, into the fall and winter the biggest concern for folks, and me now, is keeping the house warm. I have learned how to chop wood. And in doing so, I WILL NOT PAY FOR A GYM MEMBERSHIP or purchase exercise equipment AGAIN. This is a hearty exercise that works all muscles and the cardio, especially if you have to chop wood in the snow. Holy Moses. Let’s put it like this… I would typically put on 10 to 20 lbs. during the winters. I expected this even this year. Nope. Go chop wood and see how ya feel. 🙂

Mt. Shasta 1/11/2013
After many days of snow!

Mt. Shasta 1/11/2013
After many days of snow!

Also, while one’s house is warming it’s a good idea to learn how to cook and bake from scratch. Yes. I have done the unthinkable – I actually know how to cook and bake all sorts of things. Again, 70 miles from any major city and fast foods. Lord. The little treats and all are yum!

Overall the entire mindset of rushing around does not exist here. Heck. The newspaper, a printed newspaper is truly utilized by everyone, even business advertisements. It’s been excited, frustrating, and blissful learning how to do and/or create a way of doing things. This has gotten me to a place of creative clarity. I would have to say as well – it’s been a good thing too. *As some of you know, the husband’s medical challenges and such.

With that…What have you taken from your theory book and put into practice lately?

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Mt. Shasta, August 2012

Mt. Shasta, August 2012. Photo by Rachel D. Richmond

Higher Love Baby!

What’s the best thing about all the changes and shifts? We are all finding out how fabulous we are!

Well, for a few months I’d been wondering “the why” things in Weed are the way they are, in regards to the energy. About two weeks ago, out of the blue, my husband looked at me and said, “Mt. Shasta is a female, not a male.” Yesterday, Gabby said, “this side of Mt. Shasta (the pictures I’ve been posting here) is all female and on the other side – all males.” Total sense!

Anyone remember the big black bands I talked about when first arriving – anchoring down Mt. Shasta? Well…the male energy is having to harmonize with it’s female energy the shift of the ages <> and Weed is the female side of it.

Within the towns here there is a mini battle of sorts for community centers. What I’ve learned is that Mt. Shasta city is attempting to “bully” by having “conflicting interests” (commissioners, board members, etc.) in and on every board in the small cities in the county. Basically, to shut them down or pull funding – essentially – not even honoring contracts. It’s the old age of “we are not listening to you … do-do-do…” Seriously. Having witnessed this several times while getting Babe the assists he’s required and being present for community center board meetings – it’s a male energy of bully.

What is a resolution? Ah. Well, the centers are going through grants and becoming self sustaining…(probably why the bullying) and with that comes better service for the community. In other words – no hiding and having to be authentic and totally transparent! Like these centers could be anymore transparent, yet it’s possible. How? Normally, why and how isn’t up to us to answer, thou I will share here. The city of Weed has recorded a heck of an increase of people coming to live here. All the crap is surfacing and it has old energy scared – the old paradigm. The higher consciousness is calling and people have been answering. I love it! Being in the world and participating, while holding space without a point of view or judgment. How does it get even better?

Okay – that’s my two cents for some of the shenanigans as they relate to a spiritual nature. It’s just amazing to me to be apart of this and finally beginning to know the potential that exists. How about you?

Much Love!

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